AT&T New Plan Without Contract Starts at $45

December 9, 2013 | By More

AT&T new plan has just made the rest of prepaid MVNO companies feel a little bit more pressure on their pricing.  When you get an unlimited talk, text and x amount of data plan for under $50 it is a pretty good bargain in my opinion.  AT&T new plan
AT&T new plan with no annual service contract starts at $45 per month for a smart phone.  This is a share plan in which you can bring your own device.  It is a $15 saving over the two-year agreement plan.  If  you have a feature phone you will save and additional $5 and it will cost you only $40 per month.  With this entry plan you get unlimited talk, text and 300 MB of data.  It is perfect for some one who only use it for checking mobile email only with light web surfing.

Let’s take a look at a few different no annual service contract plans for smart phones:

  • 300MB:  $45
  • 1GB:  $70
  • 2GB:  $80

For two lines sharing data:

  • 300MB:  $70
  • 1GB:  $95
  • 2GB: $105

I would suggest those of you who are out of contract and do not need to get a new phone to consider these plans.  You will save $180 per year compares to the plan with service contract.

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